Cake Classes

Where are  your cake decorating classes held?
Most of our classes are held at our purpose built cake studio located in the beautiful countryside, a short 10 minute drive from junction 4 of the M8 motorway and the A71. Our full address is Bottle Cottage, Guildhouse Farm, Braehead, ML11 8EU. Directions will be given upon booking a class. Sometimes classes will take place at another central location. Details will be in the class listing.

Where are  your Online decorating classes held?

All of the online classes are ran from a private Facebook group and may be supported by access to a Teaching platform such as Teachable. When you book your course you will be given full joining instructions, class running times and any pre course material. Since it’s digital in nature no refunds will be given. If you opt for a payment plan but cancel prior to complelting your payments then all access to lessons past and future will be removed. You will no longer be able to access yout teachable account or the Facebook group.

How do I book a class?
Just click the 'Book my place' button on the class of your choice, you'll then be taken to the secure payment page. If you wish to pay by instllment this can be arranged but all payments will be required to be fully paid in advance of class. We can also accept bank transfers, please get in touch for details. Please do NOT email us your card details, we will never ask you for these. You should carefully check the transaction amount as we will not be held responsible for any charges that your bank may charge you as a result of this transaction. Please wait for a written confirmation email from Suzanne Esper Cake School to advise that you are indeed booked on the class prior to making any travel arrangements if it is an in person class. Your place on the class will not be confirmed without this email.  We aim to confirm class bookings within 48hrs. If the class is sold out, we will endeavour to offer an alternative date for the same class. If this new date is not convenient then a refund will be offered. From time to time it may be necessary to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice and will be at our sole discretion.

Can I cancel a booked class?

Unfortunately no refunds will be given under any circumstance once a booking has been made even if the confirmation email has not yet been sent out. Please be sure of your purchase before buying, if further information is required please contact us in the first instance by email or phone prior to booking. Classes are booked many months in advance and any late cancellations mean that a place may have been denied to another student. We are unable to offer a refund if you make a mistake in your booking, we may offer to transfer your booking to another date if one is available at that time. This is at the sole discretion of Suzanne Esper Cake SChool. Please double check before paying for your class.  It is advisable to take out insurance to cover any unforeseen events that may prevent you from attending your class at Suzanne Esper Cake School. 

What if Suzanne Esper Cake School or a guest tutor cancels a class?

If you are booked onto one of our classes and if for any reason in the unlikely event we need to cancel a class (weather, sickness, unforeseen events) then Suzanne Esper Cake School will offer an alternative date for the cancelled class. If this is not suitable then a full refund will be given. We strongly advise taking out appropriate insurance to cover such losses as Suzanne Esper Cakes takes no responsibility for loss of accommodation or travel costs upon cancelling of a class for any reason, only the cost of the class will be refunded. This is especially important in the winter months when road conditions are at their worst. By purchasing your class you are accepting our terms and conditions and understand that you cannot claim for other costs such as travel and accommodation or anything else in relation to your booking other than the cost of the class.

Can I book a class for someone else?

Of course. In the notes section in Stripe please advise that this is a gift/ purchase for someone else. Please let us know the name of the attendee otherwise entry to the class may be denied if we don’t recognise their name from the attendee list.

What is the minimum age of an attendee?

For health and safety reasons we do not allow children under 16 to attend a class without an accompanying adult who must also purchase a place on the class. We do have a minimum age of 10 with an accompanying adult at our studio location. For the purpose of childrens parties the minimum age group is 7 years and above. One adult should be present at all times during the class.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just yourself, a packed lunch and an apron! Refreshments are provided throughout the day!

Late arrivals

Please plan your journey ahead of time. The motorway can get busy at peak times. We have arranged class start times to try and avoid travel congestion. We do understand that sometimes delays do happen. We will not admit anyone more than 1 hour late to any class as it will be unlikely that you will catch up on time and potentially disadvantage the other students. In such circumstances we will not offer an alternative date and your booking will be lost, no money will be refunded either. Please let us know if you are running late and are able to do so (safely) by calling us on 07758231402.

Designs taught in class

You are free to replicate any design you learn in any of our classes for your own cake making purposes.  However you are prohibited from using our designs and content in any subsequent class that you may run or wish to teach in the future. I highly encourage developing your own skills for teaching purposes.

Transport of cakes

You are solely responsible for the safe transportation of your completed cakes. We advise that cakes should be transported flat in the boot of your car or foot well with some non-slip matting underneath your cake box. Suzanne Esper Cake School will supply you with a cake box for transportation. For large cakes we will use cellophane to cover your cakes.

Is there accommodation close by?

There are several B&Bs in the area and of course some Travelodges. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Personal property

All personal property brought into our class room is done so at your own risk. We take no responsibility for lost or stolen property while you are on our premises or after you have left our premises. This extends to your car while parked outside our studio. Please do not bring valuables into the class.

Video and photography at our classes

We do not under any circumstance allow our classes to be recorded by any means. You are more than welcome to photograph your own work. We may wish to take a class photograph during the class and at the end. If you do not wish your work to be photographed please inform us at the time. We may use these photographs as we see fit to further advertise our classes and share on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but not limited to these.


Gift Vouchers

How do I purchase a gift voucher?

All of our gift vouchers are available to purchase direct from our website.  Select the value of voucher you wish, you can ask for a custom amount if the value you wish to purchase is not shown. Please do NOT email us your bank details, we will never ask you for these. Please carefully check the transaction amount as we will not be held responsible for any charges that your bank may charge you as a result of this transaction.

How do I get my vouchers?

When you select the online payment, there is a comments box, please indicate the recipient’s name and email address plus contact number. An electronic gift voucher will be sent back to you by email to the email supplied if you would like a paper voucher please let us know.  We aim to email all vouchers within 48hrs of receiving payment.

I received an amazing voucher, what can I spend it on?

Why not attend one of our brand new cake decorating classes? We have a vast number of cake classes from beginner right through to advanced cake making and decorating. You may also use the voucher towards the cost of a private lesson. You can spend the full amount of your voucher or you can use it as part payment towards a higher value class. You have 12 months from the date of issue to redeem your voucher, this date will be printed on your voucher. Vouchers can not be used as payment towards guest tutors, only classes taught by Suzanne.

Can I exchange my voucher for Money?

Unfortunately vouchers cannot be exchanged. There is no cash alternative. If you do not spend the full amount the remaining value will be lost unless you purchase another class at the same time as the original transaction. To do this, please contact us first and we can send you a custom invoice so you do not lose any money.

I purchased a voucher in error, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no refunds will be given once a voucher has been emailed out. You can transfer the voucher to another recipient but we must be notified prior to them using the voucher.



I want to pay for my class in installments, how does it work?

Some of the more expensive classes can be paid in instalments by bank trasfer or buy using a new direct debit facility. A cutom payment paln can be generated for each student depending on length of time until the class takes place. A non refundable retainer is due at time of booking and the remainder will be due 2 weeks prior to the class. Your booking and retainer will be forfeited if you do not pay your instalments by the agreed date and your space will be offered out to any interested party. If you wish to pay in instalments then please drop me an email.