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Cake decorating doesn’t need to be hard, time consuming or stressful but often it’s one or all three of these.

Somehow you fell into making cakes, you went on a first date with buttercream and now you’re addicted to baking and decorating cakes but your stuck! You want your cakes to look flawless but all you see are imperfections, bulging, lopsided or dreaded elephant skin.


You’re not alone! I was completely like you. I started making cakes as a hobby and 11 years later, I’ve taught 1000’s of students online how to make professional cakes with a flawless finish and those oh so beautiful sharp edges we all drool over – I’m here to help you too.

Imagine if you...

Get ready to step back and be wowed by your beautiful work on display.

As the guests gather around your cake and chat about how stunning your attention to detail is. You start to blush as you never expected to get so many compliments, but they are coming in thick and fast from your socials to your inbox. It’s the best feeling in the world being recognised for your hard work. You’ve invested in your skills and guess what – it shows and it’s paying off.

Are you ready to build on your skills and get more paying clients through the door, ones who appreciate your skill and workmanship and don’t quibble about the cost? 

Then you’re in the right place… In this masterclass, I share my go-to recipes that taste incredible – PLUS I’ll teach you all the professional steps you need to produce clean, neat work. Your cakes will look so flawless you won’t want to cover them up!

 Not only will they look gorgeous but they will taste amazing too. I teach two of my foundational recipes that I use and trust for my tiered cakes. 

Are you team buttercream or team ganache? It doesn’t matter, because I teach you both methods to achieving sharp edges –yay!

Check out what’s included in the game-changing course!



What's included

Learn how to make beautiful flawless professional cakes, from single tiers to stacked show-stopping cakes. Transform your cakes into swoon-worthy statement cakes.

Throughout this cake decorating masterclass, you will learn practical time-saving tricks and tips, along with fundamental baking skills that will get you baking cakes to perfection. I also share my go-to recipes for stacked tiered cakes, and downloadable recipes to my tried, tested and loved cake flavours including variations.

No matter if you want to master a single tier or a stacked cake, I show you how to get a clean flawless finish to your cakes using buttercream, ganache and sugar paste. Steal my easy techniques for achieving modern clean cakes that are reliable and cost effective. No fancy equipment needed – just some basic additions to your cake kit.

You’ll also learn how to professionally and securely stack your cakes using dowels, and with extra peace of mind using my easy no fluff central dowel system.

And to take your cakes to the next level… I’ve also added in Sugar Flower and stencil lessons that will transform your cakes even more than you can imagine. It’ll be your cakes getting pinned and saved on Pinterest and Instagram!

If you are a cake business then this class is a must, elevate your confidence by creating, designing and maximising profits.

Module 01

Let's get Organised

– Step-by-step easy to follow video instruction for baking your cakes. Includes lining your tins, mixing and baking.

– Step-by-step recipe PDFs – tried, tested and LOVED by my students and CLIENTS alike. I share my go to recipes for professional tiered cakes, buttercream and ganache. These cakes are moist, delicious and stable.

– Step-by-step videos on preparing your cake cards for using a central dowel PLUS a video walk through of all the tools I use. 

module 02

Prepare the cakes

– Learn to prepare your cakes ready to be filled. I share my production line set up for maximum efficiency. You will love this lesson and it’s going to SPEED you up!

– We cut, fill and finish with ganache for sharp edges. 

– Next, I’ll show you how to cover your cake cleanly and neatly. So neat you won’t need to hide the base with ribbon. 

module 03

Buttercream Sharp Edges & ice

– This module shows you exactly how to achieve sharp edges using buttercream instead of ganache. This module is perfect for anyone wanting to master clean, straight, flawless buttercream cakes. So pretty and ideal for current modern buttercream cakes. Add some flowers, stencil detail or a drip and you are good to go! Who needs fondant!

– But if you do want to cover a buttercream cake with fondant then I’ve got you covered… Learn how to fondant ice a buttercream cake and maintain those sharp crips edges you worked so hard to create. 

Suzanne Rolling pin
square apron copy

module 04

Dowel / central dowel & stack

– Learn how to stack your cake properly with dowels. 

– Use Suzanne’s go to easy central dowel system to securely transport and stabilise your tiered cakes.

– Banish the fear of cake deliveries once and for all. These lessons will give you peace of mind and will increase your confidence when working with two tiers or more of cake. 

module 05

sugar flowers & foliage

– No cake is complete without professional decoration.

– Transform a plain iced cake in to a work of art using my easy signature Open Peony sugar flower and quick foliage lessons. 

– No experience necessary with flowers but this might just make you sugar flower OBSESSED like me.

DSC_3368 (2)

module 06

pretty details : stencil & lustre

– Now this section will ELEVATE your cakes even further. 

– Finish your cake off with an easy cake warp technique that will make stencilling and lustering your cakes a walk in the park. No stress, no mess and zero mistakes!

– Complete your course and you now have a cake fit for the front cover of a magazine, just like this one here (thank you Cake Masters – March 2021)!

– Welcome to the world of tiered cakes..this is just the beginning. 


I've added some extras that will support you further..

PLUS a Suzanne Esper Cake School Certificate of Course Completion

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Hey THere

I'm Suzanne, Your cake tutor!

I’m an ex-scientist turned cake decorating CEO here at Suzanne Esper Cake School. I’ve been making and teaching professional level cakes and sugar flowers for the best part of 11 years. I now teach online classes worldwide from my cake school in Scotland. 

My work has been featured in several publications and I’ve taught many classes at world-renowned cake International. I’m a cake ambassador for Cake stuff and proud to have been awarded top 10 UK Cake Artist by the prestigious Cake Masters Magazine. 

Being cake and sugar flower obsessed, it’s my passion to help as many cake artists perfect their skills and raise their game so they can create showstopping cakes and be paid what they desire. Through online courses, students from all over the world have been able to create flawlessly finished cakes and master the art of creating sugar flowers that many mistake for real ones. I’d love to be there for you too. 

Proudly taught 7000+ Students


3 monthly payments of


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Don't take my word for it...hear it directly from my students..

Shell Robinson
Read More
I've been making wedding cakes for several years. I thought I was fairly competent at the basics, and then I saw Suzanne's basics courses and was intrigued! Thankfully it was one of the best decisions I have taken in a long time! Suzanne shows you how to efficiently achieve fantastic results with a business in mind! Time is money as they say, Suzanne's methods will speed up your working and use of ingredients to achieve maximum results and scale up your business. I've taken many courses since, all of her courses are detailed, achievable by all levels and the tips are invaluable. If you are thinking about enrolling, don't think, do it .... You will earn the money you pay in no time, and get your life back!
Alison Huges
Read More
I stumbled upon Suzanne’s original Cake Basics course just after I had volunteered to make our daughters wedding cake in January 2020. Complete novice baker! The course engagingly guides you through the whole cake making process, from equipment required and recipes for yummy cakes to filling, ganaching, covering in fondant, how to get sharp edges, assembly and transportation Broken down into easy to watch units Suzanne has a lovely relaxed teaching style - it’s like being taught be a lovely endlessly patient friend! The Wedding was postponed due to Covid - this just gave me an excuse to keep baking! Highly recommended.
Ribi Letsebe
Read More
The cake basics course by Suzanne is such a valuable resource. I was self taught & although people were saying my cakes are great, I had self doubts. But after the cake basic course my confidence just shot up because it gave me guidance from step one to the finish line! What's more is you can refer back to it at any time as it is online. Suzanne is also always there on the group to assist & answer questions, you also get support from other group members. It is value for money for newbies & experienced bakers who are not so sure - foundation is everything!
Julie Mangan
Read More
Well, what can I say ? Having being a hobby baker for 20 + years did I think I needed this course.......No, not really.....I thought I knew what I needed to know. WRONG! I thoroughly enjoyed this little course, not only did you learn the “central dowel” .......the what? I hear you say. Don’t think I’d heard of it at the time and was one of the reasons I joined. Game changer for those stacked cakes and especially if you’re going to be travelling with them, reducing the worry factor. I also learned how to improve my filling / ganaching and covering skills and improved the time taken to do so , therefore reducing the time to produce a cake from start to finish. You can’t fault this course or how Suzanne demonstrates it. She takes time to answer live questions and gives you the confidence to go out and try it and up your game. So, whether you’re a beginners or an old timer like me, there is always something to learn and you will experience learning from one of the best. Go on , do it, you won’t regret it
Emma Smith
Read More
Three months after starting the cake basics course as a hobby baker, I now have my own little cake baking business and I love it.
Emma Smith
Read More
Suzanne provides the real Cakes Basics. She has gone through the same as every beginner and shares her tried and tested system... I trust and follow everything she teaches...before you realise your confidence is up and you’re making incredible cakes.
Dawn Hollyoak
Read More
This course blew my mind!...taking the class changed my approach to c ake decorating forever...easy to follow, Suzanne has a wonderful friendly teaching style and she takes you all the way through the process step by step!
Elsa Davies
Read More
Whilst I still have to practice I think the difference Suzanne Esper has made to my work is clear...her teaching style is so easy to follow, she makes tutorials fun and ongoing support is incredible
Luciana Farcuta
Read More
I am very happy with the results, the compliments and great feedback I got back from the customers add to the success. And it 's all thanks to you and your amazing ability to teach your skills and share your experience!
Miranda Vernon
Read More
This course really elevated my cakes ... gave me confidence to be able to achieve neat sharp edges. I used to spend hours trying to get a nice finish but it's so much easier and quicker now... it's a game changer!
Susi Moser
Read More
Suzanne explains everything very good. She's an amazing teacher...without you, I would never have been able to make my brothers wedding cake.
Ribza Wa Tebza
Read More
I've been baking for 3yrs now, self-taught. However much i tried, I could not nail covering cakes cleanly, knowledgeably without stress & tears... I took Suzanne Esper's Basic course & gradually my confidence grew. The method & tips she uses simply work! I'm now able to cover a cake neatly & confidently... I really recommend this for new & experience bakers (you can be experienced BUT still struggle with basics), this will give you that confidence.
Tania Malik
Read More
I cannot express how much taking Suzanne Esper's cake basic class has helped me grow and develop my skills as a cake designer. I now have the sharp edges that I so desired but not only that, she has also helped to speed up the whole process, with her techniques, knowledge and experience. If you struggle to achieve that perfect finish on your cakes and want to save time and money, then I would 100 percent recommend this course to you.
Vicky Blacktopp
Read More
I signed up to the cake basics class last year, and I'm sooooo glad I did! If you're a perfectionist like me lol then this is the class for you! It took the stress out of getting those sharp edges and the overall finish of the cake was indeed a Flawless finish! So, if you're wondering if you should do this course, i would say absolutely! It will be one of the best investments you could make!
Pam Rennie
Read More
I longed for my cakes to have sharp edges and look neat. I signed up for Suzanne's cake basics class when it was first launched and to say I was blown away by the amount of content was an understatement! Step by step she takes you through everything to get a professional-looking finish. I have grown in confidence in my cakes since signing up to Suzanne's class so much so that I launched my own little business last year.


3 monthly payments of


<< FULL PAY >>

A one-time investment of 



Is this course suitable for a beginner?

Absolutely- this course is perfect for beginners, hobbyists and professional cake makers looking to perfect and transform their cakes! Get off to the right start, save yourself unnecessary mistakes and stress.

I already have experience , will I learn anything new?

As soon as you enroll on the course you get instant access to all the modules, PDFs and bonuses right here on this website. With lifetime access you can take this at your own pace. 

You also get exclusive access to the Facebook Cake Course Community group with over 1000+ likeminded students. 

Do I get LIFETIME access?

Yes! you get full lifetime access to the course lessons, videos, PDFs and community group PLUS any updates (for FREE).


As soon as you enrol on the course you get instant access to all the modules, PDFs and bonuses right here on this website. With lifetime access you can take this at your own pace. 

You also get exclusive access to the Facebook Cake Course Community group with over 1000+ likeminded students. 

Do I need to buy any specialist tools?

You will need some items to get started. I include a video walk through of the no FLUFF kit needed prior to starting your cakes. Simple, easy and cheap to find cake tools. 

Can I get any extra help?

Get exclusive access to the Facebook Cake Course Community group with over 1000+ likeminded students. This is my private student group where I hang out and answer questions. You can also ask questions directly in the portal. I’ll be with you every step of the way for guided friendly expert help at your fingertips. 

When does the course start?

Immediately OR at a time to suit you. All the lessons are ready to watch straight away. With Lifetime access, dip in and out at your own speed. Pause, rewind and watch as often as you like from anywhere in the world. 

Will this help me with wedding cakes?

Yes, yes and YES! This course will BUILD on your confidence allowing you to take on any cakes you desire including scary wedding cakes. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are doing things right and knowing you have the support of me and a community of over 1300+ students that have your back.