Lily Abstract 8″ x 10″ professional cake icing stencil. PRE ORDER


Beautiful stencils for beautiful cakes.

Lily Abstract 8″ x 10″ seamless pattern food grade stencil

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Product Details

Each stencil is made from 250 micron food grade material.

  • Seamless endless design for any height cake up to 10″ tall.
  • Featuring fixing holes and slots for tape around the perimeter of the design allowing you to secure your stencil with ease.
  • For a textured stencilled effect you can use, Royal Icing, buttercream or Ganache.
  • Use on it’s own with a rolling pin to create a raised effect on fondant.
  • Use with lustre dusts, edible paints or airbrush colours
  • Re-usable, flexible, top quality food-safe acrylic.

See how to use this stencil here: VIDEO COMING SOON

Prolong the life of your stencil by hand washing only in warm soapy water. Wipe clean only. Blot with kitchen paper to dry.
Please note the stencil is NOT dishwasher safe. Do not place in an oven or microwave as it will melt the stencil and may damage your appliance.

Measurements (approx.):
Design area- 25cm (10″) x 20cm (8″)
Seamless continuous design in the portrait position.

Product Care

Each stencil is made from 250 micron food safe acrylic that can be washed and reused.

To care for the stencil and prolong its life please wash with care.

Fill a basin with hot soapy water and allow the ganache, buttercream or royal icing to melt off. Use your fingers only to clean, wipe the residue away by running your finger tips gently over the design. Do not use a sponge to remove food stuff as this can snag open areas in the design.


Rinse under running water and blot dry with paper towel. Avoid rubbing the surface dry.


Please note the stencil is not dishwasher safe or microwave safe.

Inspect the stencil after each wash to ensure no breakages in the plastic have occurred. Store flat to avoid warping.


Whilst all due care and attention has been taken at time of production, please ensure there are no loose plastic clippings left behind. 

Stencils whilst can be robust some patterns render them susceptible to breakages with improper use. Please lightly add and scrape away buttercream or royal icing to ensure you do not snag the plastic. 

Wash prior to each use and inspect the stencil for any damages you may have caused by heavy handedness. Remove any loose plastic parts that may potentially transfer to the cake at time of stencilling. Use a craft knife to remove any breakages.

Refunds will be provided for any stencil that arrives damaged within 5 days with photographic proof. We will not refund damaged stencils that are the result of a heavy hand at use or at the washing stage caused by the customer. 

Suzanne Esper Cake School / Suzanne Esper Limited take no responsibility for any plastic that remains on the cake after stencilling. It is the users responsibility to ensure the stencil is fit for use and has no loose plastic that can potentially remain on a cake after stencil pattern transfer. 


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