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Unlock the EASY Path to AMAZING Cakes and Bakes

Get ready to dive into a one-of-a-kind baking experience with Suzanne Esper and Laura Lane.

Together with a combined 26+ years in the industry you could say we know a thing or two about baking a great tasting cake.

We’ve cherry picked our best cake recipes that proved to be reliable, delicious and stackable and share them all with you.

We’ve distilled down 26 years of baking experience between us into this jam packed baking course. This is the easiest and fastest way to making great tasting cakes that stand the test of time, stack beautifully and blow everyone’s taste buds out of the water. 

Why buy this course?

In this power-packed baking course, we’ve turned our combined baking experience into an easy-to-follow guide.

It’s your express ticket to creating cakes that not only taste divine but also hold up beautifully when stacked and leave taste buds craving more.   

Who’s this for?

This course is tailor-made for cake enthusiasts, hobby bakers, and even seasoned professionals.

If you’re looking to expand your repertoire with exciting, tried-and-true cake recipes without sifting through endless internet options, this course is your golden ticket.

We’ve done the legwork, so you can enjoy the delicious rewards.  

Why this course is different…

Over the years, we’ve tirelessly tweaked, enhanced, and perfected these recipes to ensure they shine in stacked cake scenarios.

Our cakes retain moisture, burst with flavour, and leave a lasting impression on every palate.  

Our Cake and Flavour Lineup:

– Explore more than 30+ cake recipes and variations. 

– Dive into 20+ video tutorials that guide you through creating homemade jams, curds, buttercreams, and ganaches from scratch.

– Discover the art of pairing cake bases with flavourful fillings that will dazzle your friends, family, and clients with 20+ cake combination videos.

– Join our supportive online cake community and enjoy exclusive student discounts.

– Enjoy lifetime access, including video step-by-steps for all key recipes, downloadable recipe PDFs, and Facebook support.

This course equips you with everything you need to bake incredible cakes, even if you’re a baking novice.  FREE BONUS WORTH £50– Digital cake calculator that helps you scale up and down your recipes from round to square or from 4″ – 14″ cake sizes, it includes a cost calculator, portion calculator and lets you scale up from 4 layers of cake to 6 layers of cake if you work with double barrel cakes.

A Resource for a Lifetime: Consider this self-paced course your baking treasure trove, available for you to revisit whenever inspiration strikes (and that’s why we offer lifetime access).

Join our thriving online community of bakers, where your seat is saved and your voice is valued.  

What’s Included in Your Baking Adventure:

Take a look at the details in the next tabs, and be sure to review the FAQ and T&Cs before securing your spot.  

Are you ready to fast-track your baking skills and create show-stopping cakes for a lifetime?

Enrol now and join us on a delightful journey of flavour and creativity!

Suzanne and Laura xxx

Cake Recipes

Vanilla Based Recipes

Vanilla Cake

Caramel Cake

Red Velvet Cake (Cheats version)

Chocolate Based Recipes

Suzanne’s Favourite Chocolate Cake

Laura’s Chocolate Mud Cake

Chocolate Guinness Cake

White Chocolate Mud Cake

White Chocolate Mud Cake with Ginger

Berry Based Recipes

Strawberry, Lemon and Poppy cake

Strawberry Triple Threat

Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake

Earl Grey Lavender, Raspberry and Lemon Cake

Raspberry Triple Threat Cake

Raspberry and Hazelnut Cake

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cake

Raspberry, Matcha and Pistachio Cake

Raspberry and Lemon Cake

Citrus and Tropical Cakes 

Orange Cake

Lemon and Blueberry Cake

Mango and Passionfruit Cake

Coconut Strawberry and Lime Cake

Super Moist Coconut Cake

Lime and White Chocolate Cake

Lemon Cake

Lemon & Elderflower

Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake

Specialist Cake Recipes

Apple and Blackberry Cake

Coffee and Walnut Cake

Pistachio, Matcha and Rose Cake

Honey Cake

Sticky Ginger Cake Laura’s Mums

Carrot Cake

Sticky Toffee Cake Laura’s Mums

Pistachio, Matcha, Lime and White Chocolate Cake

Dirty Chai Latte 

Filling Recipes

Jam recipes

Strawberry and Vanilla Jam

Strawberry Champagne Jam

Strawberry, Lime and Coconut Jam

Raspberry Rosie Jam

Summer Berry Jam (Thermomix)

Curd recipes

Raspberry and Vanilla Curd

Strawberry and Vanilla Curd

Orange Curd

Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd Vegan (Coralie Recipe)

Mango Curd

Passion Fruit Curd

Blueberry Curd

Blackberry Curd

Lime Curd

Nut, Sauces and Syrups

Rose Syrup

Mango and Passionfruit Crush

Pistachio Paste

Vanilla Extract – Make your Own

Vanilla Paste – Make your Own

Butterscotch (Whisky optional)

Caramel Sauce

Spiced Caramel Sauce

Orange Caramel Sauce

Nut Praline Crunch

Buttercream and Ganaches

Vanilla Buttercream

Baileys Buttercream

Blueberry Buttercream

Raspberry Buttercream

Strawberry Buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream

Butter Ganache Chocolate Spread

Whipped Chocolate Ganache


Legal Disclaimer

Please read these terms in full before purchasing our course.

By continuing to make a purchase you will be deemed to accept the terms in full without variation. 

The materials that accompany this course are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal or other professional advice on any subject matter.

Suzanne Esper Limited and Love Laura Lane do not guarantee outcomes or results of any kind. We will not be liable for any losses or damages arising from your use of our course, and we restrict liability as far as permitted by law.

The course comprises pre-recorded videos, PDF training guides and support within a Facebook group.

We are sharing the recipes that we use and that we have had great results with.

We do not hold any professional baking qualifications as such, but rather draw from our own personal baking experience. 

You are welcome to use these recipes, print copies of the PDFs for your personal use. Please do not share logins or recipes with anyone else.

Anyone in breach of this may be removed from the site entirely and we reserve the right to restrict future purchases by you. 

This course is designed for individuals who enjoy baking and would like to try out new flavour combinations.  Whether you make cakes as a hobby or as a professional cake maker- you must ensure that you comply with your local health and safety and food hygiene regulations.

The details of such regulations will vary from country to country, and the details are not covered within this course.

We will not be held responsible for any actions you take after watching our baking videos. In the same way we would not be responsible for you cutting your finger with a knife. 

Please be aware that some recipes contain ingredients that may not be available in your local region. We will make suggestions of alternative ingredients when asked.

The recipes included may contain allergens, you are entirely responsible for ensuring the health and safety of you and those who consume your products.

Some recipes contain ingredients with a shorter shelf life. We make you aware of these and the risks in the videos and highlight in the comments section of each video, again for general information and not professional advice. It’s your responsibility for the health and safety and wellbeing of yourself and those you serve your cakes to again we will not be liable for any losses or damages arising from your use of our course, and we restrict liability as far as permitted by law.

Results are highly likely to vary due to a number of factors including ingredients, overall kitchen temperature, experience, ability and skill.

All of our classes and the supporting videos are created for general information purposes only. 

Due to the instant and digital nature of this course we do not offer refunds if you change your mind. If you have any questions about the course, please get in touch prior to purchasing.

All sales are final.

39 reviews for Bake Course with Esper Lane Bake School

  1. Monique Hercules Soares

    This course is a must, is packed with delicious recipes that you can make not only during the holiday season but all year round. Plus you get the support and step by step videos of our lovely ‘teachers’ Suzanne and Laura and access to a lovely community.

  2. Vicki Dowley

    I love this course and it is such good value for money, both suzy and Lauren are so informative as well as highly entertaining, it’s like being in the kitchen with them. They have thought of everything to teach from novice to experienced. An amazing course, thank you!

  3. Rosaleen harris

    Oh my gosh what a course – the baking course is bursting out of the seams with recipes and they are so tasty !! I’ve put on weight testing them all!

  4. Christine Robinson

    Really enjoying this course so far. Love having the videos to go with the recipes- gives me the confidence to have a go at things I’ve not done before.

    Suzanne and Laura are great tutors and so helpful with any questions. Would definitely recommend this course.

  5. Deborah Tomes

    Wow what can I say except a big yummy thumbs up from me and my Family, great value course with lots of tasty Cake recipes, with the added bonus of 0utstanding Curd and Jam recipes to accompany the Cakes and as for the Spiced Plum Scones 😋

    5 stars plus for value and content

  6. Lilian Cox

    I have purchased both courses I have found they are so informative and having the bonus of the videos to go along the printed recipes is so good. I love all the various jams, curds and fillings to choice has given me the enthusiasm to start baking again. Thank you for all your hard work producing these wonderful courses

  7. Lee Galas Richardson

    This class is amazing. The amount of recipes is mind blowing. The PDFs are clear and very easy to find. Suzanne and Laura are awesome you will want to get the other baking class also. The Facebook group is amazing and always willing to help. Suzanne and Laura have done an amazing job.

  8. Madeleine Alberts

    A fantastic collection of cakes , curds , jams , and cameral’s all easy to follow recipes and instructions. Cakes are a joy to bake , and even better to eat . Thank you both for inspiring me

  9. Lesley Drayton

    What an amazing course, (The Esper Lane bake school), amazing flavours and they taste as good as they sound, so much choice, all the testing has been done for you, I am still working my way through all the flavours, curds, jams and caramels and you get the recipe converter in too, you cannot fail with this course. x

  10. Elaine Murphy

    Yet another fabulous course from Suzanne,( and Laura of course!!)

    Excellent value for money as they just keep adding and adding more content, all recipes have well documented pdf’s with easy to follow videos that keep you entertained!!

    So far I’ve tried the Chai Latte cake, Suzanne’s chocolate cake, Toffee Apple Cinnamon cake, Bramley Apple curd and Toffee Apple Caramel, all taste amazing 😀

  11. Angela Henderson

    If you’re stuck in a bit of a baking rut, always seem to make the same things over & over…climb straight out and sign up for these two fantastic courses. Best teachers, entertainment and value for money. The only regret you’ll have, is if you don’t sign up.

  12. Kaye Fox

    I have now purchased 2 of the cake courses and absolutely loving the different recipe ideas, they are very tasty and it’s great having a video to help guide you through and the pairing video is a great source of information giving you ideas of what buttercream jams or curds to put with what flavour cake. The calculator makes life so much easier to make various sizes of cakes, anyone thinking of purchasing the cake courses should do it great value for what you get and the support from both Suzanne and Laura and other members is fab, only a hobby baker but so pleased I purchased the classes


    Suzannne has excellent value for money classes, fab videos to support learning and sooooo many delicious recipes to use.

  14. Tammy Apsitis

    Can’t express how wonderful Suzanne has been to me during all my ordering and classes I’m not caught up on lol. She always answers and is super kind and helpful – even got my shipments sorted within the UK so they could travel home to Canada with my Mother.

    I’m super stoked about these new classes and recipes and look forward to everything she and her team do 🙂

  15. Senga Dent

    So much helpful information and flavour combinations. The courses provided are detailed but easy to follow.

  16. Rosa C

    Best baking courses. Extremely delicious recipes that I can’t get enough. Clear and simple instructions with matching video makes it easier to get it right first time.

    I also love the support on the Facebook group. Best value for money, highly recommend.

  17. Fiona Will

    As a hobby baker, I was a little sceptical about spending money on what I thought was ,more recipes, when I have shelves packed with books I barely look at. But, boy oh boy am I glad I did.

    Yes there are recipes but this course is much, much more than this. The videos are invaluable for tactile learners like me; having something that shows me what I should be aiming for is a terrific asset. And removes any doubts that reading a page often leaves. The conversion table saves either a. drying your brain working things out or b. winging it and hoping for the best. To cherry on the top is the instant access to this offering a learning pace to suit the individual.

    And the Facebook group is another wee gem. A group of like minded people, offering friendly advice and the benefit of their experiences, as well as the guidance of 2 well respected bakers/tutors is well worth the money.

    Thank you Suzy & Laura for the vision and time to put this together.

  18. Susan white

    I’m a home baker and bake for family and friends! It was trying to elevate my bakes to a wow factor x 10 in appearance that lead me to Suzanne sugar flowers courses in the first place. I love flowers and have enjoyed my journey with Suzanne learning and improving. Suzanne has a relaxed , easy , calm and enjoyable way of teaching. When I saw the bake course I was hesitant. I try so many recipes and have had everyone raving about my bakes. BUT the recipes in the course are brought to a whole new level with the buttercreams, ganaches , curds and jams. The only problem with these recipes is that it’s hard to get follow through. The cakes, in my house, don’t make the final flourishes. Once sampled they are gone. The dirty chia latte cake is to die for – not too sweet! Love love this course and the challenges that deciding on which one to make , with what curd, buttercream caramel sauce or whipped ganache??? Well done Laura and Suzanne for this explosion of flavours and choices.

  19. Cathy Strehler

    The recipes are really extraordinary & very mouthwatering, compliments from friends and colleges garanteed. It is not just another collection of recipes, but a truely well thought through class with many tips and giggles along the side. It is a treat watching by yourself as well as baking and sharing it out lateramong friends and family. I highly recommend it.

  20. Bryony Dundas

    Wow where do it start – Esper lane cake school is fantastic – the class is full of fantastic recipes. I can’t recommend the class enough- it is great having all the tools you need to hand. Many thanks to Suzanne and Laura 🙂

  21. Marie Emmanuel

    This is so awesome. So many amazing festive bakes under 1 roof. No guess work and perfection every time. Can’t wait to bake them all. Thanks Suzanne and Laura

  22. Cate McLaughlin

    Laura and Suzanne have put together a fabulously comprehensive baking course. As well as more delicious cake recipes than I could imagine ot includes buttercream, frosting curds and so much more to complement the bakes. This will keep you busy and your friends and family well fed for years- if you love baking you’ll love this course

  23. Joanne Snee

    These courses are fantastic! They have made my business expand so much due to the variety I can offer clients. The recipes, instructions and videos and clear and helpful. Absolutely amazing course! Vanilla paste recipe is a game changer!

  24. Selina Ward

    The Esper Lane Bake School is a brilliant resource and learning experience. Suzanne and Laura have provided amazing content with so many recipes for sponge cakes, sauces, curds, jams, buttercreams and ganaches. It provides you with an extensive library to hone your baking skills and experiment with so many flavour combinations. The accompanying pdfs and videos explain and show you what to do and in which order. Suzanne and Laura’s teaching style is relaxed and so much fun, it is like having them alongside you in the kitchen whilst you bake. If you are just starting on your baking journey or looking to expand and develop your baking, I can highly recommend this course which offers excellent value for money.

  25. Selina Ward

    The Esper Lane Bake School is a brilliant resource and learning experience. Suzanne and Laura have provided amazing content with so many recipes for sponge cakes, sauces, curds, jams, buttercreams and ganaches. It provides you with an extensive library to hone your baking skills and experiment with so many flavour combinations. The accompanying pdfs and videos explain and show you what to do and in which order. Suzanne and Laura’s teaching style is relaxed and so much fun, it is like having them alongside you in the kitchen whilst you bake. If you are just starting on your baking journey or looking to expand and develop your baking, I can highly recommend this course which offers excellent value for money.

  26. Joanne Yerby

    After purchasing the new baking classes I have started to offer more and more flavours and combinations of cake flavours. Having tried and tested recipes has given me the confidence to take the next step forward with my business.

    Thanks to you both

  27. Sarah Sacco

    I cannot recommend these courses enough. Everything is so clear and straightforward making it so easy! Great value for money too!

  28. Catriona Fleming

    Absolutely love what the girls have provided. It’s the complete package. I have already used a couple of the recipes and they were amazing, can’t wait to do more xx

  29. Deborah Mcwilliam

    This is the best course I have been on Suzanne and Laura are amazing and the recipes are out of this world tasty x cakes jams curds and lots more and they work very hard for us I can’t thank you both enough xxx

  30. Emma Smith

    As someone who bakes as a hobby, I have learned so much. The videos give an additional level of learning, the recipes are delicious and the unique Facebook group has been inspired.

    Excellent value of money.

    Thank you for this amazing concept and never giving up. It’s given me a new found love of baking

  31. Catherine Ferguson

    Fantastic course, really enjoyed watching Suzanne & Laura – they are really great together. The recipes are easy to understand

  32. Nadia Tuckett

    Not only does this course give u confidence with baking, it makes you become more adventurous too. Love the energy and the teachers!!!!

  33. Katherine Hunt

    The baking course is absolutely amazing and is bursting with delicious recipes, fillings, curds, jams and so much more. Suzanne and Laura are a wonderful double act and make everything so easy to follow – and are very entertaining too! xxx

  34. Mary Flanagan Carty

    Well the girls really did it this time not only is there that most amazing combinations in cake, buttercream and caramels the cake calculator is a game changer no more scratching my head trying to figure out what amount do i need for different sizes of tins. Either cake courses will be the best money you spend this year (or be like me and buy both)

  35. Susan STEGGLES

    Excellent brilliant teaching

  36. Samantha

    I am absolutely stunned at the amazing amount of work and content that has gone into this course, fantastic tried and true recipes that give perfect results, I have not managed to try every recipe on the course just yet but I am most certainly working my way through it! It’s a good thing it’s holiday season with lots of gatherings to bring new treats for everyone to try.

    Thank you ladies!!! You outdid yourselves!

  37. Christine Perkins

    I just made the Mulled Wine Berry Curd and oh wow!!! It is SO delicious! I gave a taste to the other three adults in the house and everyone was floored with how the flavors were so balanced! I cannot wait to try the other recipes. The ladies are very clear in their instructions and it’s obvious they enjoy what they do. Well worth it! Thanks so much for putting this together!

  38. Debra Young

    What can I say… Suzanne Esper, Laura lane you ladies are both amazing, you both go above and beyond to make everything run smoothly, I have bought 2 courses now & they are both amazing. I have recommend them to all my friends…I’m amazed by all the different recipes, textures and flavours, some of which I would of never of thought of. Well done to you both & thankyou for your skills & knowledge in my baking journey 🩷🩷

  39. Clare Bull

    Oh my goodness what amazing courses ladies. I’ve had so much fun baking your delicious recipes. The recipes are so easy to follow & the videos are a real bonus of you are a visual learner. The value of these recipes are priceless and lifelong staples. There is so much included in the courses, with lots of bonus videos, hints & tips. If you ever need any help Suzanne & Laura are always there to help. Well worth the money and so much fun to make! Thank you ladies

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