Arranging Sugar Flowers On Cakes

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Join me and I will show you how to attach any sugar flower arrangement…

The Programme

The number one question I get asked after teaching students how to make sugar flowers is always “now how do I add them to a cake?”

If this sound familiar and have found yourself worried about flower placement, how to incorporate sugar flowers into your designs or worry about how they stay on the cake, then this new course is for you.

The focus of this online class is how to arrange sugar flowers securely and safely so that you can make the most stunning of arrangements.

This course covers a variety of cake sizes from the small to the more complex of designs. Think of this course as part design inspiration, part flower placement and part arrangement all in one.

The course is delivered as modules and is an ongoing work in progress. So far, we have covered 4 modules (12 different modern arrangements) and I have one more to go – The full cascade


This is a group coaching program. All of the professionally filmed lessons are located here in your portal ready to view, including support PDFs and any live support lessons.

Throughout this course, l share my 10 years of experience as one of Scotlands top wedding cake artists.

The first module focused on smaller celebration arrangements fit for any event or occasion like an intimate wedding or celebration.

Module 2 was based on a floral extravaganza filled with foliage and colour.

Module 3 had a variety of designs based on classy simple flower arrangements that show off the cake. In these lessons a variety of cake separators were incorporated to enhance the design. The lesson covered how to attache flowers to the front of a cake, how to add a cascade, how to prep a floral loop with ease and how to incorporate the cake separators.

Each module will get a little more complex and larger. Don’t be put off if you only like to deal in small cakes as each project can be applied to a variety of designs. This will get your juices flowing and build that all important confidence. Goodbye fear my old friend- you suck!

By the end of this course you will have the confidence to tackle any floral project that comes your way, and a full brand new portfolio of stunning floral cake designs. I designed my arrangements on a plain white iced cakes. Please put your own spin on it, you are free to copy my design as is or add any other elements you like, from changing the colours, flowers and design elements on the cakes (stencilling, gold leaf, watercolour, lace etc).

This course is not only for wedding cake artists but for anyone wanting to get over the fear of placing flowers on cakes and to gain confidence to design cakes for clients/friend/family knowing that they can pull it off.

This will be a portfolio builder, and a one of a kind course. There has never been anything like this before and I am super excited that over 300 students have joined this course and have committed to up-level their cakes!

Throughout the 5 modules we cover 13 different flower arranging project this also covers the use of modern side are cake stands, acrylic separators  and spacers.

How will it be delivered: With a pre-recorded lesson/s to ensure nothing is missed with angles and it’s all super clear. The pro videos will be located here in your account. You will have an account set up for you to access anytime.

Notes: You will get a checklist with the full breakdown of the tier sizes, number and type of flowers plus any supply information and stand sizes used.

Support: You will have me to ask questions and to pick my brain about anything to do with arranging flowers.

Throughout this course, I will share my tips on how to secure the flowers for transport and any other useful information to help give you the confidence to make the cakes you have always wished.

The BEST part is you have LIFETIME access to all of the lessons and a community of like-minded sugar florists that you will be able to network with and share your beautiful creations with.

Please note, all lessons are taught in English. This is a group coaching program in a private Facebook group setting and on an online teaching platform.

Please check my Terms and conditions prior to purchase.

So, if you are ready to level up your sugar flower game hit the purchase button or chose to pay via instalments. Either way, I am looking so forward to seeing your incredible creations.


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