Square And Rectangle Online Cake Basics Class

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Online cake basics – Get the edge on Square and Rectangle cakes

Learn to cake like a pro!

Square cakes are harder than round cakes- FACT. If you have ever tried to make one, you will know what I mean. Imagine being able to approach a square or rectangle cake knowing you have got it perfected. No sweat and no panic. You step back and see those beautiful edges and clean lines and take a minute to feel the excitement of looking at your perfect cake.

That’s what I want for you. In this class I break it down into stages. I show you how to get beautiful edges on non standard shapes and heights.

The course focuses is on building a strong foundation using ganache as the undercoat, I have recorded how to get sharp edges on tall, square and rectangle cakes with both ganache and buttercream too so this will tick the box of you buttercream cake lovers.

This course is perfect for beginners and for those looking to take their cakes to the next level. If you have ever felt stressed out about your square cake finish, suffered from the dreaded bulge or just wonder if you’re even doing things right, I can help you. I’ve been there, done that and wore the ganache stained t-shirt!

This online class will brush up on specific techniques such as using chocolate ganache to achieve sharp edges on a cake and how to cover a square and rectangle cake with sugar paste. You will learn every little thing I do to get the perfect result time after time with no stress or fear or wanting to just pack it all in for good. You see, I am an ex-scientist, my DNA means I like to experiment to cut time and effort, maximise every minute and produce amazing results. I am willing to share every last detail with you so that you too can produce cakes that have your clients coming back for more.

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • How to make and prep a small cube, a long rectangle and a tall rectangle to produce the cakes in the image.
  • How to bake square cakes- you will get my vanilla recipe in the baking section
  • How to make ganache and buttercream and how to store it.
  • How to professionally cut, fill and level a cake and cover in chocolate ganache, no more cheese grater wire for you!
  • How to cover a cake to achieve a flawless sharp-edged look that will have your customers swooning!
  • How to decorate using a stencil
  • Make the flowers and foliage and arrange on the cake safely!

These professionally filmed lessons are available to watch straight away.

Let’s get you making your best creations ever! This class is the foundation for all of your square and rectangle cakes. If you get this right then nothing is holding you back. Let me get you cake confident.

How it works:

The brand new professional videos are being added to a teaching platform here on this website.

Please note, this course is a group coaching program. You will join a community of cake lovers who are there to offer advice and help when you need it. The class is jam-packed with hints, tips and techniques that will leave you nothing but confident.

You can access all the supporting documents and videos. Everything has been organised into a logical step by step flow. No question is left unanswered. If you do have any specific questions or need help then I will be on hand each month to make sure everyone receives the help needed.

Each stage is broken down into video segments so that when you need help or want to re-watch you can easily find the section you need without having to trawl through lots of footage.

The beauty of this class is that it’s yours FOREVER! It will never expire! You can dip in and out as and when you wish.

You will be able to access PDF downloads of my recipe pack, tried and tested and LOVED by my clients.


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Please note, all lessons are taught in English.

Please refer to my terms and conditions for booking classes prior to purchase as no refunds will be issued once the course has been accessed as its digital nature means that it is available straight away. Please refer to full terms in the link highlighted above. This class is for personal use and not for re teaching purposes. All rights reserved.