Modern Sugar Flowers – Spring Summer Edit – Special

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A beautiful collection of delicate Sugar flower lessons that will build on your confidence and elevate your sugar skills. Transform your cakes and portfolio with swoon-worthy sugar flowers using simple repeatable techniques that you can master at home. 

£137.00 available on subscription from £23.00 / month for 6 months

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Learn how to make 14 stunning sugar flowers that will elevate your cakes and boost your confidence. Sugar flowers are the centrepiece to any cake. This course is perfect for cake makers and hobbyists. Sugar flowers transform your cake into a joyful work of art. This course will teach various Spring and Summer statement flowers and filler flowers. If you’re ready to step into your new level of sugar flowers, read on.

What's included

  1. Butterfly Ranuncula
  2. White Ball Peony
  3. Gladiolus
  4. IceIandic Poppies
  1. Delpheniums
  2. Anthurium
  3. Clematis
  4. Rugosa Roses
  5. Rose Lily
  1. Forsythia
  2. Clematis Montana
  3. Scabious
  4. Soft Ruscus
  5. Hard Ruscus

What'll you get

Learn to

Cut, Wire, Tape and Colour your petals to bring them to life with ease and confidence.
I will show you how!


Hey there

I’m Suzanne, the cake and sugar flower obsessed one behind Suzanne Esper Cake School. I’m a systems girl at heart being an ex-scientist and I love to cut flower and cake making time in half with my proven simple techniques, without cutting corners.

I want to take the confusion out of cakes & sugar flowers and show you how joyful it can be to take this path whether you’re a professional cake maker or just getting started.

Beautiful Sugar flowers and cakes don’t need to be difficult or time consuming. Instead I prefer simple, scalable, profitable ways so you need to work less and play more. 

I’ve taught thousands of students all over the world the art of sugar flower and cake making, and it would be my honour to teach you too. 

Are you...

This course is for you!

Student Work and Testimonials


I’ll be using my own brand of flower paste.  You can get your hands on it from Cake Stuff Ltd. However, you can use any available flower paste you like that you are able to source locally in your part of the world. If you have a preference please start with that. I also have my own range of cutters, available at Cake Stuff Ltd. As a Suzanne Esper student, you are entitled to a exclusive student discount from Cake Stuff.

Absolutely! There is no prior sugar flower experience required. I will teach you easy to master techniques. This is only the start of our journey together. 

Looks can be deceiving. The fact that my sugar flowers look real is proof. But just because they look hard doesn’t mean they’re hard to make. In fact, they’re way easier than they look. Let me take your hand and show you exactly how.


The skills you will learn will stand you in good stead. Whilst I share my time saving tips and tricks, I also teach alternative methods that will help your way to making show standard work. 


The skills you will learn in this course can be applied to Cold porcelain. Working with Cold porcelain is outside the scope of this course.

You get access to all the videos plus you’ll get recordings of all the live demonstrations and Q+A sessions. So you can watch the replays whenever it suits you., these will be uploaded into your dashboard within 48hrs. You can watch the replay in the facebook group too. 

Yes! Eternal Blooms! Sugar flowers for life!

Absolutely. The moment the course opens on the 15th of March 2022, you get weekly lessons added to the portal and of course we have our live lessons. Thereafter you have instant lifetime access to each module. So you can binge all the videos and get up to speed quickly. I’m also available the moment the doors open, to answer any of your questions and support you as you embark on your new skills.

My teachings are designed to get you up to speed with your new skills quickly.

Yes! We have a supportive Facebook Group, Q+A sessions plus my exclusive Facebook community where I’m available to review your creations, and provide troubleshooting feedback when you need it.

I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve seen one too many overcomplicated YouTube tutorials on sugar flower making to last a lifetime. Luckily it didn’t scare me off. Instead, it fueled me to share how easy it can be.

I perfected my way of making stress-free sugar flowers that looked incredible, took less time, and made my business profitable.

And I’ve distilled only the best bits I’ve learnt into this course, to help you get the sugar flower skills you need easily and quickly.

Did you know hydrangeas are actually poisonous? Truth.

Environmental health and safety have said a big fat no to fresh flowers on cakes.
They take it seriously and so should you. You can find yourself in real trouble if using fresh flowers inappropriately.

What’s even better than fresh flowers? A bride, friend and family losing their mind at your sugar flowers because they can’t believe they’re not real.