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Elevate Your Cake With Modern Sugar Flowers And No, You Don’t Need Prior Experience or any sugar flower know how...

Your Pinterest inspiration board is filled with sugar flowers on modern wedding cakes and creating them is at the top of your not-so-secret dream list but you just don’t have the skills to make them.

You’d love to say yes to any sugar flower request that comes your way but the last time you tried following a YouTube tutorial it sent you into a stressed-induced spiral after spending an entire day attempting a single rose, let alone an entire arrangement.

As the most requested wedding cake decoration, all evidence shows that sugar flowers are here to stay. And it’s not just for weddings. They’re all over birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, anniversaries and every celebration in between – and with good reason.

They transform any cake.

Sugar flowers are…

The Showstopper. The Centrepiece. The Heart Of Any Celebration.

Which is why they can feel sooooo intimidating.

I get it. I was just like you. When I first started making sugar flowers, mine were so terrible I’d sit on the couch eating the not-so-modern flower to destroy the evidence. Don’t get me wrong, it gave me a much needed sugar rush, just not something I was proud to put on a cake.

The only difference is I didn’t let that one terrible flower derail me. Over time, I perfected my way of making stress-free sugar flowers that looked incredible, took less time, and made my business profitable.

And I’ve distilled only the best bits I’ve learnt into this course, to help you get the sugar flower skills you need to elevate your cakes, without losing your mind and saving you time.

I’ve figured out exactly how to speed the process up, without losing the quality of the flower.

Learn how to make beautiful delicate sugar flowers easy, breezy, beautiful.

The Modern Sugar Flower Night School - All Seasons

A 6 week online night school that teaches you how to create 25 modern sugar flowers that elevate your cake in less time.

It’s your secret go-to weapon when you have sugar flowers to make.

If you’re a cake business owner and you want to elevate your business and perfect your portfolio with sugar flowers because you know there’s zero money in making racing car cakes for three-year-old but you’re not sure how to break out of the novelty cake making business…

If you’re a cake hobbyist and nothing lights you up like getting sugar all over the kitchen bench while you whip up your kitchen creations but you’ve been wondering how to take your cake from freshly baked to a thing of beauty…

If you’ve been recruited to bake a wedding cake for your son or daughter and you’re looking to deliver the most beautiful wedding cake that compliments the theme and bouquet and looks incredible in their wedding photos…, 

It all starts with sugar flowers.

It’s not just about how delicious your cake tastes. It’s about how tempting it looks too.

Learning the skill of sugar flowers will elevate your cake.

Perfect Your Sugar Flower Skills In 3 Easy Steps

The Modern Sugar Flower Night School - All Seasons

1 Step 1
2 Step 2
3 Step 3
Step 1

Watch the professional video

Easy-to-digest step-by-step videos that take out all of the confusion and overwhelm, you’ll learn exactly how to create each flower on-demand. And with lifetime access, you can watch them when you need them.

Watch the professional video
Step 2

Attend the live demonstration

I also provide a live demonstration on every single flower in the course. This is your opportunity to watch me live, ask me to do it again,  ask me to explain the process as I’m doing it. Basically, I won’t leave until you feel confident and comfortable with your own sugar flower creation.

Attend the live demonstration
Step 3

Ask questions and get answers.

I’m not just your instructor. I’m your cheerleader, your troubleshooter, and your mentor to help you create the best sugar flowers for your cake.

Ask questions and get answers.

Get 25 different flowers that you can make in the most time-efficient way.

  • Statement flowers.
  • Filler flowers that fill in the gaps.
  • All seasons. Summer, autumn, winter + spring.
  • From timeless classics to modern-day designs.
  • Christmas flowers.

  • Rugosa Rose
  • Ranunculus (Butterfly)
  • Delphiniums
  • Gladiolus
  • Icelandic poppy
  • Clematis
  • Ball Peony
  • Anthurium lily
  • Hellebore
  • Amaryllis
  • Hypericum Berries
  • Babylon Dahlia
  • Mystic Fantasy Dahlia
  • Tuberose
  • Scabious
  • Roselily
  • Japanese Quince
  • Forsythia
  • Chinese Lanterns
  • Honesty pods
  • Purple Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
  • Lots of autumn foliage
  • Green foliage

The Modern Sugar Flower Night School – All Seasons will take your hand and walk you through step by step exactly how to create delicate sugar flowers to create your best cakes ever. Zero confusion or overwhelm here.

The Modern Sugar Flower Night School – All Seasons will build your confidence to become the master creator of your dream cake. Feature your own cakes on your inspiration board instead of others, attract dream clients, and increase the value of your cake orders. Your bank account thanks you.

The Modern Sugar Flower Night School – All Seasons will always help you troubleshoot, cheer you on and support you with your new skills in our Facebook Group. No more going it alone.

Elevate Your Business. Perfect Your Portfolio. Raise Your Reputation.

Attention Absolute Beginners

Think being a beginner is a big enough reason to sit this course out? Think again.

Let’s play a game. It’s called: spot the beginner sugar florists below from previous student work below. These were results from Night school 3.

They all look good. They all look professional. They all look like something you’d pay a premium for.

And they were all created by previous students who were absolute beginners and those who were looking to up level their sugar flower skills.

The moral here is: if they can do it, so can you. 

Elevate Your Cake With Your Newfound Sugar Flower Skills

Imagine stepping into the current season with the stunning Babylon Dahlia sugar flower up your sleeve.

The bride steps out with her jaw-dropping boutique of autumnal, Dahlias, with a deep claret tinge at the centre that opens up fully in a quartered way.

With your newly acquired skills, you shaped the petals for maximum movement. You brought the flowers to life with dust colours. And you organised your workflow for maximal productivity and you didn’t even break a sweat!

When the guests arrive at reception, they gush over the centrepiece – the wedding cake – at how realistic the flowers look, and how beautifully they matched the theme.

Your name is mentioned more than once as people take note to hire you for their next special occasion.

As a professional cake decorator, your business is booming.

As a cake hobbyist, your new career could just be starting.

It’s not just a dream. It’s possible.

The Modern Sugar Flower Night School - All Seasons.

The Recap:

I’ll be using my own brand of flower paste.  You can get your hands on it from Cake Stuff Ltd. However, you can use any available flower paste you like that you are able to source locally in your part of the world. If you have a preference please start with that. I also have my own range of cutters, available at Cake Stuff Ltd. As a Suzanne Esper student, you are entitled to a exclusive student discount from Cake Stuff.

Absolutely! If you’re a cake lover and want to transform your freshly baked cake into a thing of beauty, this course is for you.

There is no prior cake decorating experience required.

Looks can be deceiving. The fact that my sugar flowers look real is proof. But just because they look hard doesn’t mean they’re hard to make. In fact, they’re way easier than they look. Let me take your hand and show you exactly how.


The skills you will learn will stand you in good stead. Whilst I share my time saving tips and tricks, I also teach alternative methods that will help your way to making show standard work. 

You get access to all the videos plus you’ll get recordings of all the live demonstrations and Q+A sessions. So you can watch the replays whenever it suits you., these will be uploaded into your dashboard within 48hrs. You can watch the replay in the facebook group too. 

Yes! Eternal Blooms! Sugar flowers for life!

Absolutely. The moment the course opens on the 9th of November 2021, you get weekly lessons added to the portal and of course we have our live lessons. Thereafter you have instant lifetime access to each module. So you can binge all the videos and get up to speed quickly. I’m also available the moment the doors open, to answer any of your questions and support you as you embark on your new skills.

My teachings are designed to get you up to speed with your new skills quickly.

Yes! We have a supportive Facebook Group, Q+A sessions plus Zoom work-along sessions each week so I’m available to review your own creations, and provide troubleshooting feedback when you need it.

I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve seen one too many overcomplicated YouTube tutorials on sugar flower making to last a lifetime. Luckily it didn’t scare me off. Instead, it fueled me to perfect sugar flower making in my own unique way.

I perfected my way of making stress-free sugar flowers that looked incredible, took less time, and made my business profitable.

And I’ve distilled only the best bits I’ve learnt into this course, to help you get the sugar flower skills you need easily and quickly.

Did you know hydrangeas are actually poisonous? Truth.

Environmental health and safety have said a big fat no to fresh flowers on cakes.
They take it seriously and so should you. You can find yourself in real trouble if using fresh flowers inappropriately.

What’s even better than fresh flowers? A bride losing their mind at your sugar flowers because she can’t believe they’re not real.