One day online LIVE cake basics class Sunday 29th and Monday 30th Sept.

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One day online LIVE cake basics class Sunday 29th and Monday 30th Sept.

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Online cake basics

Learn to cake like a pro!

This one-day live cake basics class is perfect for beginners and for those looking to take their cakes to the next level. If you have ever felt stressed out about your cake finish, suffered from the dreded bulge or just wonder if your even doing things right, I can help you. I’ve been there, done that and wore the ganchae stained t-shirt!

This class will brush up on specific techniques such as using chocolate ganache to achieve sharp edges on a cake and how to cover a cake flawlessly with sugarpaste. You will learn every little thing I do to get the perfect result time after time with no stress or fear or wanting to just pack it all in for good. You see, I am an ex-scientist, my DNA means I like to experiment to cut time and effort, maximise every minute and produce amazing result. I am willing to share every last detail with you so that you too can produce cakes that have your clients coming for more.

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • How to professionally cut, fill and level a cake and cover in chocolate ganache, no more cheese grater wire for you!

  • How to cover a cake to achieve a flawless sharp-edged look that will have your customers swooning!

  • How to central dowel in an easy and no fuss manner. You will soon be doing this effortlessly- *hint* i’ll get you manning up!

  • The best recipes to use for tiered cakes that are sooooo delicious you won’t want to share the offcuts with anyone.

  • How to make ganache and how to store it (There will be a live recording a few days before so you can be prepared for the class).

  • How to transport your stacked creations safely and easily (without the need for a pair of spare underpants).

  • How to photograph your cakes to put your best foot forward and represent the business you deserve.

I’ll go over how to transport tiers of 2 and above and I’ll show you some easy photography tricks that I use in my own business to get beautiful website worthy photographs. Let’s get you making your best creations ever! This class is the foundation for all of your cakes. If you get this right then nothing is holding you back. Let me get you cake confident.

How it works:

The class will be LIVE streamed into a private (Paid for) Facebook group and will take place on the specified date at 10am UK time. I would like to say we will be finished by 5.30pm, it may be longer or shorter depending on the support needed by students.

You can take part in real time, in fact I encourage it! I will send out what to have prepared prior to the class and you will be sent a tools list. These are items I use in my business that speed me up and help achieve the perfect finish. However, it’s not a requirement of the course, you may have items that are fit for purpose already! Please use what you have.

Each stage will be broken down into video segments so that when you need help or want to re-watch you can easily find the section you need without having to trawl through lots of footage.

You can ask questions as we go, and I will hold a Q&A after the cake element is finished. Please do not worry if you need to leave before we finish or can’t attend live on the day, you can watch the videos on demand after they have been recorded. The videos will be organised in the units section and will be easy to find. The beauty of this class is that it’s yours FOREVER! It will never expire! You can dip in and out as and when you wish.

You will be able to access the units section where all the support files you need will be located. These include PDF downloads of my recipe pack (tried and tested and LOVED by my clients), A live video of how to make ganache so that you can be prepared for the class. A schedule of events during the class and how the class will be broken down over the day.

The group will be active for 1 month, that means that I will be popping in most days to answer any questions that arise, however we will have 2 dedicated Q&A sessions (dates to be finalised) where you can bring your cake basics related questions and I will answer live!

You will be invited to submit your completed project following the class within the month to be in the chance to win a prize. I will have a judge pick the winner. More details to follow on the competition.

After the month, the group will be archived, meaning that you can still access the group, videos and comments for life. However, the ability to ask questions will not be allowed as new commenting will be switched off. After the month you will be invited into my free Facebook community group where you can be further supported by myself and our fellow community members.

I am honestly literally bursting with excitment. It’s going to be an amazing experience and I hope you will join me.

So, are you ready? Hit the buy it now button and I’ll invite you to join the Facebook group Monday 23rd of Sept. You will find the links to each specific Facebook group on the little from you need to fill out. This will will give us time to get to know each other prior to the class. Look out for your email with details of what you need to do to take part.

Please refer to my terms and conditions for booking classes prior to purchase as no refunds will be issued under any circumstances in the event that you are unable to attend the class.